The pink fox and the foxy pink box were there. Everything else is my doing. Thanks to Andy Mueller and thequietlife for the inspiration and kind words. All gone.   Unauthorized one sheet for the Pixelvision short, "Roommatey Again: The Strange Case Of The Gay Pirate Penguin." All gone. Maybe there will be an authorized poster??

18x18, limited edition of 1 (for ann), 2003

8.5x11.5, limited edition of 5, 2003

Dispatch: railings. Soon to be gone.   Being Rick Howard. For a contest.

11x8.5, edition of 3 (on different color papers), 2003

pen sketch, 2003

Polaroid: Seattle (2000)

8.5x11, inkjet, edition of 1, 2002

More on the way.
Commissions and design challenges welcomed. E-mail is best.